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European Film Sound

July 2015

The purpose of the EFS network is to allow those who work in film music and film sound in Europe "to speak in their own voices and words about their art and craft" (LoBrutto 1994). We conduct interviews with living film composers and sound designers. We also collect and link existing information about innovative European film sound composers and designers. Our aim is to increase the visibility of these composers and sound designers and over time to create a rich legacy of European soundtrack creators.
We do not claim that there is a clear European identity in film sound. European is a concept indicating a geographic region and a political union, the EU. "Europeanness" as a criterion for identity and meaning is a problematic abstraction. Yet, we can see a richness and diversity of film music and sound design practices in the UK, in Poland, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and other countries in Europe, that merits discussion and research.

Two core questions have emerged:
a) who are the film composers with a unique style?
b) which composers and sound designers have developed innovative approaches for the interaction between images, music, sound and the narrative?

Aims of the EFS network are to

  • record conversations with film composers and sound designers in European countries talking about their art and craft
  • highlight artistically valuable film music and innovative approaches in film sound design
  • create more awareness for film sound and music amongst directors, producers, composers and sound designers
  • provide source materials (production notes, scores, interviews) for further academic research (books, articles) linking theory with practice
  • create a historic legacy and perspective over time
  • create an open, smart website which is user-driven while maintaining high editorial standards

  • You can find more on the website

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