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European Film Sound

July 2015

The purpose of the EFS network is to allow those who work in film music and film sound in Europe to speak their own voices about their art and craft.

Film sound includes everything one can hear in a film: music, sound design, environmental soundscapes and dialogues, all relating to the images and the story. Music and sound design have moved closer together. Sound has become musicalised, while music is sometimes just another sound in the film soundtrack.

Aims of the EFS network are to
  • To create a collective voice for European film composers and sound designers
  • To highlight artistically valuable film music and great achievements in film sound design and inspire learning and new practices
  • To create more awareness for film sound and music amongst directors, producers, composers and sound designers
  • To provide source materials (production notes, scores, interviews) for further academic research (books, articles) linking theory with practice
  • To create a historic legacy and perspective over time
  • To create an open, smart website which is user-driven while maintaining high editorial standards

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