Jean Martin composes music for film, TV, theatre and performance. He is also a writer and lecturer at University of Brighton

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Dario Marianelli

in conversation with Jean Martin
15 June 2015, London

Part 1:

keywords: piano and counterpoint / moving to London / theatre, luck / Paddy Breathnach / Anna Karenina / film music as a demon like the chorus in Greek tragedy / motivation to compose / director collaborations: Joe Wright / how music and film connect / musical identity as a film composer / film music like a costume: Pride & Prejudice / writing for bad films / getting involved at the sript stage: The Soloist / recycling music from other projects

Part 2:

keywords: V for Vendetta / underscoring / Atonement / tonality: adopting a role like an actor / concert music: violin concerto / sound design & music: sampling the type writer (Atonement) / orchestration and mock-up / improvisation / working with non-Western musicians / extended techniques in horror film: Shrooms (2007) / practice and film music theory / Instinct: composing and cooking / composing and improvising at the piano / Marianelli improvising at the piano /

Part 3:

keywords: in the digital studio / using the computer (Digital Performer) to record and edit improvisations / exploring abstract ideas, e.g. atonal sequence / inventing a simple tune / breath controler to make sampled strings or wind instruments more natural / Alberto Iglesias, Gabriel Yared: a European sound / Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) / education: becoming a film composer / Michael Nyman, Philip Glass / Nico Muhly / John Corigliano / concert muisc / composing for film as problem solving / music & emotions

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