soundbasis is Jean Martin - writer, lecturer, radio producer and composer of applied music.

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Jean Martin writes, lectures and broadcasts about music and film sound/music. He has composed music for film, TV, theatre and dance.



MA in musicology and philosophy in 1980 (University of Zurich and Technical University Berlin). Founded and ran Cue Studio for Electroacoustic Music GmbH in Berlin with Martin Supper from 1984-89.

In 1993 he moved to London.
He has written and produced numerous radio programmes about the British classical music scene for German Public Radio (DLF, DLR, WDR etc). He continued to compose music for TV documentary films (for BBC 1, 2; Channel 4; Discovery Channel). From 2004-2020 Senior Lecturer in Digital Music and Sound Arts at University of Brighton, School of Arts and Media. In 2011 he curated the first major UK retrospective about sound artist Peter Vogel in Brighton. In 2012 he moved to Hove/Brighton.

His research focuses on sound studies and in particular on music and sound in film using phenomenological methods. He has written Filmgeräusch, a book about film sound with Frieder Butzmann published in Oct 2012 by Wolke Verlag, Hofheim in Germany.