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25 Sept. 2020

three a new audio-visual piece by Wil Pennycook (images) and Jean Martin (sound) is now available on vimeo. three is for single split screen (or projection) and stereo sound.

20 Sept. 2019

The private view of our new audio-visual piece hearing shadows at the Performance Studio, Brighton University, Grand Parade. image

28 June 2019

I presented a paper on 'The Sinister in Electronic Sound' at the University of Brighton conference Screening the Unreal

1 June 2019

I gave a talk about our new audiovisual piece HEARING SHADOWS at MUSA, the 10th International conference on Music/Sonic Art hosted by Karlsruhe University of Music, Institut für Musikinformatik und Musikwissenschaft (IMWI). HEARING SHADOWS (moving images: Wil Pennycook // sound/music: Jean Martin) will have a private view on 20 September at Brighton University, and at Zwitschermaschine Gallery in Berlin from 25 Oct - 2 Nov 2019.

25 April 2018

My book chapter on Sound Design (co-written with Frieder Butzmann) in "Filmmusik: Ein alternatives Kompendium" edited by Frank Hentschel and Peter Moormann, has been published by Springer VS


6 April 2018

My new piece resounding (2018, for piano, flute, vibraphone) was first performed by Ensemble Broken Line (Helen Whitaker, Adam Swayne, Adam Bushell) at St. Luke's Church in Brighton. See and hear more here.

4 January 2018

I gave a lecture on sound design and music in films for students of the masters course Master Direction de Projets Audiovisuels et Numériques at University of La Rochelle, run by Prof. Diego Jarak.

13 - 16 April 2017

Sound Little Island
Together with Julian Weaver I created a live-streamed sound translocation from Brighton to La Rochelle in France as part of the ZERO1 festival.
This sound translocation transmits live soundscapes from two locations in England (a pub in Brighton and a viaduct) to the ancient harbour tower Tour de la Lanterne in La Rochelle. These live soundscapes are enhanced by a number of pre-recorded sounds in order to create a hyperreal soundscape of England as sonic presence in La Rochelle. After the referendum we are reminded of the UK’s so-called ‘splendid isolation’ policy of the late nineteenth century. Sound Little Island is an attempt to subvert these isolationist tendencies: by transmitting the everyday (the infra-ordinary) punctuated by French lives abroad, we aim to create awareness and highlight the connections between people here and there.

22 July 2016

I gave a presentation at the XI. Symposium for film music research in Freiburg, organised by the Kieler Gesellschaft für Filmmusikforschung. The title was: "European Film Sound? The musical and sonic representation of landscape and climate in „Nordic-Noir“ crime series, in particular in the Icelandic Trapped (2015) as an expression of a specific north-european sensitivity."

29 Jan 2016

Together with Tom Bench I organised a live performance event in the Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton with unusual improvised melodic sound objects. The line-up consisted of: The Bohman Brothers (London), NIL (Brighton), Henry Collins + Robin Foster (Bristol) and Dylan Thomas (Brighton). It was a great evening and the audience loved it.

4 Jan 2016

The web resource for European film composers and sound designers European Film Sound EFS is online now

17 July 2015

Working on a European Network for Filmsoundtrack Creators. Gave a presentation at the X.Symposium zur Filmmusikforschung in Kiel

15 June 2015

Interviewed film composer Dario Marianelli in London, and on 16 June sound designer Glenn Freemantle at Pinewood Studios

April 2015

My article "Peter Strickland’s Film Soundtracks. A World of Dreams, Nostalgia and Fear" has been published (in English) in the Polish magazine Glissando, Vol. 26, 2015 soundscape, p 160-167.

7 Feb 2015

I gave a talk about placed sound in the Roman Bath (Billingsgate, London) during the annual symposium of the Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories CRMNH at University of Brighton.

4 Sept 2014

Started planning a European Filmsoundtrack Creators Network (EFS) together with Prof. Wolfgang Thiel, Potsdam. The EFS outline was added to the conference pack at the Trevor Jones Film conference on 4 Sept 2014 in Leeds.

27 June 2014

I presented the paper "Echoes of the Past" at the 2nd international Sound Studies conference at the University of Copenhagen, organised by the Sound Studies Lab.

25 Mar 2014

I gave a talk in the School of Music and Fine Art at the University of Kent about audio-visual composing.

22 Nov 2013

I gave a talk at the symposium SINGING PLACES organised by Richard Elliott and Sally Jane Norman at Sussex University.

My project "Echoes of the Past" will be a multi-channel live transmission via the internet from England to France to revive an ancient abbey through sound.
Here is a summery of the event on Ben Mawson's blog Benjamin Mawson

15 Sep 2013

Martin, J. (2013) "Landscape, soundscape, taskscape in the films The Hurt Locker (2008), Katalin Varga (2009)". in: The New Soundtrack 3.2 (2013): 123–136, Edinburgh University Press

10 July 2013

I wrote 3 articles analysing the film music of the films: Berlin Ecke Schönhauser (1957), Du und Mancher Kamerad (1956), Bye Bye Wheelus (1971) published in the book:
Klang der Zeiten. Musik im DEFA-Spielfilm – Eine Annäherung (edited Klaus-Dieter Felsmann),
Bertz + Fischer Verlag, Berlin, November 2013
Funded by the DEFA foundation

4 July 2013

I gave a presentation (Leitmotivisches Sound Design in The Hurt Locker (2008) und Katalin Varga (2009)) at the film music conference, University of Heidelberg:
VIII. Symposion zur Filmmusikforschung
vom 4.–6. Juli 2013 an der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
veranstaltet vom Musikwissenschaftlichen Seminar der Universität Heidelberg und der Kieler Gesellschaft für Filmmusikforschung

3-5 June 2013

University of the Arts, Berlin
I have given a three day workshop on film sound/music for video art students of Prof. Maria Vedder in the media department Media Art

5 May 2013

I have created the sound design and also mixed the sound for the documentary film
White Oil by Judy Price.
The film had its premiere at the Palestine Film Festival at London's Barbican Centre on 5 May.

20 Feb 2013

I have uploaded a shorter version of my documentary Peter Vogel: The Sound of Shadows on vimeo

1 Oct 2012

Filmgeräusch: Wahrnehmungsfelder eines Mediums
Frieder Butzmann / Jean Martin
Wolke Verlag , Hofheim 2012

Our book has been published in Germany.
see also the book website Filmgeräusch blog

22 June 2012

I gave a presentation "Soundscape composition in the films The Hurt Locker (2008) and Katalin Varga (2010) at the Film & Media Conference London 2012

1 Feb 2012

I have created a website about the Vogel exhibition
Peter Vogel Exhibition 2011

22 Oct 2011

The 42 minute documentary film by Jean Martin and Conall Gleeson has been published by the label WERGO.
For more information click here: DVD Press release

Here you can find a short trailer.

You can buy the Vogel DVD through paypal here:

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Oct 2011

Peter Vogel Exhibition
curated by Jean Martin and Conall Gleeson
University of Brighton, Grand Parade 17 Oct - 7 Nov 2011

click here for: Press release and the website Peter Vogel Exhibition

Aug 2011

I have written a book chapter on sound in documentary film:
Martin, Jean. 'Being There. The Creative Use of Sound in Documentary Films' in: Creative Documentary: Theory and Practice. (Wilma de Jong, editor), Pearson Longman, London, 2011.
Chapter 21 pp. 287-304
You can buy this book on amazon

19 Feb 2011

I took part in the BBC Radio 3 programme Hear and Now about various German composers: Wolfgang Rihm, Benjamin Schweitzer, Torsten Rasch and Barbara Heller. It was broadcast on Saturday, at 22:30 on BBC Radio 3

The Sound of Shadows - Peter Vogel

Documentary film

1 Dec 2010
I (together with Conall Gleeson) finished a 42 min. documentary film about German sound artist Peter Vogel. Felix Nelson did a great job editing the film.

Sound Wall performed by Peter Vogel 2009 from Jean Martin on Vimeo.

Music Box performed on 22 Oct 2010

My new piece Music Box for 5 mechanical music boxes, viola and electronics has been performed at Kings Place, London, with Conall Gleeson, Ensemble Scratch the Surface and myself.

Film Music Conference in New York

Music and the Moving Image, New York University Steinhard , 21-23 May 2010. I presented my paper Being there. The Creative use of Sound in Documentary Films.

2 May 2009

I took part in the BBC Radio 3 programme Hear and Now about the German composer Detlev Glanert.

November 2008

My piece Viola Pulse was performed on an Irish Tour with the Ensemble Scratch the Surface

12th Nov in Waterville, Co. Kerry
14th Nov in Bray, Mermaid Arts Centre
16th Nov in Dublin, Hugh Lane Gallery

see a review in The Irish Times
or as pdf Viola Pulse review The Irish Times 19 Nov 2008

October 2008 website has been launched

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